Do you have rosacea?

April 7, 2014
1 in 20 Americans have rosacea, yet most people suffering don’t even realize they have it. This is because rosacea goes largely misdiagnosed. Get the facts for Rosacea Awareness Month:

Do you know how to check yourself for the signs?

April 3, 2014
Do you know how to check yourself for the signs?If not check out this clip on how to do so and share with a friend! You won’t regret it.Watch here ▶


March 31, 2014
FACT OR FICTION? Your pores get larger as your grow olderFACT: Trapped debris & build up can cause pores to expand making them more noticeable. Regular extractions help keep pores clear & minimize their appearance.

ReLift your way to younger looking Skin!

March 27, 2014
ReLift your way to younger looking Skin! ReLift's double action gravity-defying procedure provides a solution that minimizes volume while tightening sagging skin by directly working on collagen and elastin fibers!

Obagi Sun Shield’s matte finish

March 25, 2014
Once you go matte, you’ll never go back! You will love Obagi Sun Shield’s matte finish..

Healthy Skin

March 24, 2014
Integrated skincare will help you achieve your healthiest skin. Clinical Treatments + Professional Treatments + Homecare = Long Lasting results

It is the time to exfoliate.

March 21, 2014
Happy Spring! It is time to exfoliate to remove all dry, dead skin cells revealing brighter and more refreshed skin. Try Retexturing Activator or visit your skincare professional for a full skin rejuvenation treatment.

Obagi Medical Products

March 20, 2014
if you believe in transformations! Learn more at

Keep Your Skin Young Obagi 360

March 18, 2014
For all our loyal Nu-Derm® fans, we thank you and we know many of you have expressed that you wish you had started using preventative skin care sooner.

Did you know....

March 17, 2014
Vitamin A is the central driving factor in the development of normal, healthy human tissue including all parts of the skin, literally from conception to death.If vitamin A was to disappear from earth tomorrow for some mysterious reason, no more humans...