Breast Augmentation in Richmond

Breast augmentation, or mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the size, shape and volume of the breasts. The procedure is a tremendous help to women who are displeased with the appearance of their naturally small breasts or those who have lost breast volume due to weight loss, pregnancy or aging.

If you are self-conscious about the size, shape or symmetry of your breasts, call Zinsser Plastic Surgery today at 804-474-9805 to schedule a confidential consultation for breast augmentation in Richmond, VA with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Zinsser. We serve patients from across Virginia, including Midlothian and Petersburg.

On this page, we discuss a variety of breast augmentation topics, including:

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation helps woman achieve her beach bodyAchieving confidence in the appearance of your breasts involves more than just size; it includes shape, position, fullness and balance. During your initial consultation, Dr. Zinsser will discuss all of your concerns and offer recommendations based on your unique anatomy and goals. He will take time to thoroughly explain all of your options and help you make an informed decision that meets your budget, lifestyle and expected outcome.

Breast augmentation provides a number of aesthetic and practical benefits to patients, including:

  • Improved shape of the breast
  • More attractive cleavage
  • Restoration of diminished breast volume due to aging, weight loss or pregnancy
  • Correction of breast asymmetry
  • Improved breast projection
  • Improved appearance in your clothes and bathing suit
  • Expanded wardrobe options

Ideal Candidates for Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your bosom, breast augmentation surgery can provide a more youthful, balanced look. You may be a good candidate for breast augmentation in Richmond, VA if you:

  • Are at least 18 years of age for saline implants, or 22 years-old for silicone implants
  • Are at a stable weight and in generally good health
  • Have fully developed breasts
  • Are not currently pregnant or nursing
  • Feel that your breasts are too small
  • Desire a more attractive proportion
  • No longer have the full, firm look you had prior to pregnancy
  • Have unequally sized breasts
  • Have an oddly shaped breast or breasts
  • Are displeased with the size or shape of previously placed breast implants

The list above is meant to provide a general overview of candidacy considerations, but is by no means intended to serve as a substitute for meeting personally with Dr. Zinsser. The best way to determine if breast enlargement or another breast surgery procedure is right for you is to visit Zinsser Plastic Surgery for a confidential initial consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon. During this crucial one-on-one interaction, Dr. Zinsser will review your medical history, assess your physical condition and goals and determine your candidacy for the procedure.

Breast Augmentation Customized Just for You

Dr. Zinsser never takes a one-size-fits-all approach to any procedure or treatment. Instead, he listens to your goals, evaluates your frame and measurements and helps you find a solution that is tailored specifically to your body and needs.

Your personal consultation is the first step in achieving an outcome that is balanced, beautiful and uniquely you. During this important meeting with Dr. Zinsser, you will discuss all of your breast augmentation options, which include:

  • Breast implant size
  • Breast implant shape
  • Breast implant material
  • Breast implant placement
  • Incision location

Dr. Zinsser is committed to guiding his patients toward their ideal aesthetic solution with honesty and integrity. He will explain the core aspects of every breast augmentation option clearly and carefully. He will answer your questions and address your concerns to help you make an informed decision.

In some cases, breast augmentation alone may not be able to achieve your desired outcome. For example, if your breasts sag significantly, a breast lift may be necessary to restore your youthful perkiness and provide the natural, lifted look that compliments your figure.

Types of Breast Implants

One of the first decisions you will make when planning your breast enlargement surgery is the type of breast implant placed in your procedure. Each option offers unique benefits, and Dr. Zinsser will work with you to determine which breast implant is best suited to match your goals, budget and lifestyle.

Depending on your individual needs and preferences, Dr. Zinsser may recommend:

  • Saline breast implants: FDA-approved for breast augmentation in women 18 years of age and older, saline breast implants consist of silicone shells filled with a safe saline solution.
  • Silicone breast implants: FDA-approved for breast augmentation in women 22 years of age and older, this type of breast implant is filled with a natural-feeling silicone gel.
  • Gummy bear implants: A type of silicone implant, a gummy bear implant is made of a cohesive gel that, like its namesake candy, will hold its shape, even when cut in half.

Dr. Zinsser does not offer textured breast implants, which have been linked to breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), a rare but dangerous form of cancer. If you currently have textured breast implants that were placed in a previous procedure and are concerned about BIA-ALCL, Dr. Zinsser is happy to discuss your breast revision and implant replacement options.

Breast Implant Sizing

The size of breast implant you choose should reflect both your lifestyle and aesthetic goals. When making this crucial decision, it is important to also consider certain long-term factors, such as aging, comfort and health. The size of your breast implants will affect your figure, your bra and clothing choices and your self-image. Properly-placed breast implants that are balanced and proportionate to your height and body type are critical to achieving results that are elegant and natural-looking.

Some of the main considerations involved in the sizing process include:

  • Volume: Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (cc), not cup size. You may have a desired cup size in mind, but physically trying on sizers and seeing how they look is ultimately more important to making the right choice.
  • Profile: This refers to the projection of your implants. Low profiles are more subtle, while mid to high profiles are more pronounced.
  • Dimensions: Measuring the width and diameter of your chest and breasts are crucial to finding your ideal breast implant size.
  • Thickness of breast tissue: Your natural breast tissue plays an important role in many aspects of your breast augmentation surgery, including the sizing process.

No matter what breast size you would like to achieve, it is important to have realistic goals. Dr. Zinsser will discuss all of the factors involved in choosing your breast implant size. Additionally, you will be able to physically try on a number of real implant sizers to get an idea of how your results will look. While a helpful step, sizers only offer a “ballpark” estimate of your final outcome; once an implant is placed beneath the muscle, it looks smaller. It’s usually a good idea to go up one size from the sizer you like. Dr. Zinsser will guide you through every step of the sizing process and help you find the breast implant size that is right for you.

Incision Options for Breast Enlargement

Discreet, inconspicuous incision placement plays a large role in ensuring your plastic surgery results are beautiful and natural-looking. Dr. Zinsser understands the importance of a well-concealed incision and offers the following options:

  • Inframammary incision: Along the fold beneath the breast
  • Peri-areolar incision: Around the areola

Whichever incision option is utilized, you will experience minimal visible scarring. Dr. Zinsser will explain your options and which choice is most appropriate for your procedure, based on your anatomy and type of preferred implant.

Breast Implant Placement Options

Breast implants are placed in a “pocket” that is surgically created. Implant placement makes a significant impact on the final outcome of your breast augmentation. A variety of factors, including your anatomy, lifestyle and desired look are considered when determining which placement option is ideal for you. The two breast implant placement options are:

  • Submuscular – behind the muscle: For this option, the breast implant is placed behind the muscle wall. This method offers more implant support and a more subtle, natural look.
  • Subglandular – in front of the muscle: In this method, the breast implant is placed behind the breast tissue and in front of the muscle. This is the preferred option for some body builders, and delivers more dramatic results.

Dr. Zinsser will determine the appropriate placement for your breast implants based on your body size and type, existing breast tissue and desired results.

Breast Implant Removal & Breast Augmentation Revision

young woman unhappy with implants covering her breastsThere are a number of reasons why you may want a revision of your breast augmentation. Perhaps your breast implants have shifted position or size, or you want to replace the type or volume of implant you chose years ago. Revision surgery often involves implant replacement and reshaping the breast tissue itself, and may require a breast lift in order to fully achieve a youthful, natural look.

Whatever your reason for breast implant removal or breast augmentation revision, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Zinsser has the experience, knowledge and skill to help you achieve your desired outcome. He will work closely with you to understand your goals and explain all of your treatment options.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

You will be taken to a recovery area immediately following your procedure and monitored closely while you regain awareness. To minimize swelling and support your new breasts as they heal, your breasts will be wrapped in gauze dressings and a special support bra. Typically about an hour after surgery, you will be released into the care of a friend or family member with Dr. Zinsser’s approval.

Before leaving for home, Dr. Zinsser will provide you with specific postoperative instructions and a follow-up appointment will be scheduled. Follow your aftercare instructions carefully to ensure a quick and effective recuperation. Dr. Zinsser will routinely meet with you after surgery to monitor your recovery and make sure your healing is going as expected. You will have his personal cell phone number and are welcome to contact him or his office at any time with questions or concerns.

You should take it very easy the first few days after surgery and get as much rest as possible. Depending on the physical demands of your job, you should be able to return to work after the first week. Avoid strenuous exercise for four weeks after surgery. After a few months, your scars will begin to fade and your swelling should be gone. Your results will continue to improve over the course of the remaining year.

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You deserve the beautiful breasts and balanced frame you desire. Whether performed as a stand-alone procedure or as part of a complete mommy make-over, breast augmentation can enlarge your breasts, improve your figure and boost your self-confidence.

Contact Zinsser Plastic Surgery today online or at 804-474-9805 to schedule an initial breast augmentation consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Zinsser. Our friendly, state-of-the-art office welcomes patients from throughout Virginia, including Richmond, Midlothian and Petersburg.

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