3 Nipple Procedure Options For Your Top Surgery

If you’re considering top surgery, you may be overwhelmed with the number of options available to meet different goals for these types of surgeries. From different techniques to specific shaping, sizing, and placements, knowing which approach is best for you can be confusing.

By working with expert cosmetic surgeons at Zinsser Plastic Surgery, you can discuss the goals and expectations you have in mind with your surgeon during your consultation.

If you reside in Richmond, Virginia, you can work with expert cosmetic surgeons who strive to provide a unique approach to the specific needs of each patient. The emphasis on prioritizing individualized approaches for each procedure is a crucial expectation at Zinsser Plastic Surgery. Your needs will always be considered.

Different Procedural Techniques

The technique for your procedure will depend on the amount and quality of breast tissue the patient begins with. Based on these specifics, it will be determined which technique is the most appropriate to achieve the patient’s goals, which is in most cases, a male gender chest.

Every technique utilizes a “free nipple” component, whereby a smaller nipple of 20-30 mm is placed lower and lateral to where the nipple resides for a standard female gender nipple.

Keyhole Surgical Technique

In most cases, patients start with a larger nipple and areolar complex which is then reduced in size once it is replaced. Dr. Zinsser may reduce the nipple and areola size, especially if your procedure is part of revision surgery.

Peri-Areolar Surgical Technique

This style improves the NAC shape. In this option, as with the explanation above, with the female chest, the nipple is centered higher than it is on the male chest. Additionally, the nipple and the areola size may be reduced, primarily if the procedure is conducted as part of revision surgery.

The Double Incision/Free Nipple Grafts

With this option, the NAC has the most flexibility regarding shape, size, and positioning. In most cases, if you are discussing the reshaping or positioning of the NAC, you are likely considering the double incision top surgery.

During your consultation, you and your surgeon will discuss the techniques used and decide which are most appropriate for your needs. At Zinsser Plastic Surgery, your individual needs will be considered as a top priority for all procedure-related decisions. Dr. John Zinsser is a board-certified plastic surgeon who conducts each procedure with immense consideration for the individual’s needs and expectations.

Things to Be Aware of Before You Decide on An Option

Remember that nipple grafts are a medical necessity whenever a cisgender woman pursues a mastectomy to prevent or treat breast cancer. Some insurance companies deny the medical necessity of free nipple grafts for such surgeries, and many cosmetic surgeons are adamant about spreading awareness about the irrefutable necessity of free nipple grafts. It is essential to understand these logistics so you can make the safest decisions for your procedure.

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