Transgender Facial Surgery

Transgender Facial Surgery in Richmond

The way you feel on the inside should match the way you look on the outside. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Zinsser understands this, and is committed to helping you look and feel more like the person you truly are with a variety of above-the-waist gender affirmation procedures.

If you are transgender or gender non-conforming and would like to meet personally with Dr. Zinsser to discuss your top-half surgery options, call (804) 464-7615 today. Zinsser Plastic Surgery proudly serves transgender communities throughout Virginia, including Richmond, Midlothian and Petersburg.

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Whether treating patients in their 20’s or 70’s, Dr. Zinsser believes the key to providing world-class results is an individualized approach to patient care.

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a term used to describe a number of facial surgery procedures designed to transform the features of the face from masculine to feminine.

Women’s faces are typically more oval-shaped than men’s, which are usually more square-shaped. The facial features of a woman’s face are usually softer, smaller rounder and more delicate than a man’s. Their eyebrows often rest higher and are more arched. They have generally shorter, flatter foreheads with rounded hairlines. A feminine nose is usually straighter and its tip is often smaller and slightly upturned.

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What Does Facial Feminization Surgery Involve?

Facial feminization surgery involves the surgical manipulation of the chin, neck, jaw, nose and brow through procedures such as:

While there are general characteristics that comprise a gender’s overall aesthetic, every patient is unique. At Zinsser Plastic Surgery, we don’t just recognize your individuality, we celebrate it. The design of your facial feminization surgery will be tailored to your specific needs and anatomical structure.

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Zinsser Plastic Surgery provides a level of patient care that is unparalleled. We blend compassion, skill and the latest surgical techniques to create a signature experience that is unique in our field.

Whether treating patients in their 20s or 70s, Dr. John Zinsser believes the keys to providing world-class results lie in a completely individualized approach to patient care. At Zinsser Plastic Surgery, you will be treated as the unique individual you are, and your treatment plan will be customized specifically for you. 

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At Zinsser Plastic Surgery, we strive to provide the most compassionate and highly-personalized care available to transitioning women and men. Through meticulous planning, exceptional execution, and a focus on safety, we have helped many patients obtain the bodies and self-confidence they have been seeking for years.

Dr. John Zinsser is a board-certified plastic surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. While any physician with general surgery training can offer cosmetic surgery procedures and refer to themselves as a “cosmetic surgeon” only those certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons have demonstrated their knowledge, skill and proven history of exceptional results through rigorous testing and reviews of past performance. When you choose Dr. Zinsser, you can rest assured that you are in the capable hands of an experienced and highly-trained plastic surgeon.

Every member of our staff is honored to play a role in your transformative journey and we take personal pride in helping to produce an outward reflection of your inner beauty with dignity, respect, safety and comfort.

To learn more about how board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Zinsser can give external shape to your inner form, contact us today online or at (804) 464-7615 to schedule your initial confidential consultation. Zinsser Plastic Surgery welcomes patients from Richmond, Midlothian, Petersburg and other areas across Virginia.

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Transgender Facial Surgery in Richmond, VA FAQs

As transgender facial surgery costs in Richmond are determined by your individual needs, anatomical structure, aesthetic goals, and the procedures required, individual costs may vary greatly. Following your consultation with Dr. Zinsser, his team will provide you with a breakdown of your FFS cost in Virginia.

Typically, most transgender facial surgeries are not covered by health insurance; however, some insurers are now covering select FFS surgeries. Depending on the number of procedures required to achieve your aesthetic goals, out of pocket costs can range from $20,000 to $50,000.

The length of your FFS will be determined by the number of procedures required to achieve your aesthetic goals as each area of the face is address through separate procedures.

A comprehensive facial feminization surgery can take upwards of eight to nine hours, depending on the procedures, the patient, and the surgeon. However, many surgeons do recommend splitting the procedures into at least two phases, the upper face and lower face.

Following your FFS, many of your results should be permanent as most surgical procedures require changes to the bone structure to soften your features. If you have received dermal filler or neuromodulator injections to enhance or soften some of your features, including the cheeks or lips, you will need to continue to have those treatments as determined by your provider and how quickly your body metabolizes the injectables.

FFS, however, cannot stop the natural effects of the aging process. You may need follow up procedures later to help you maintain your more feminine appearance.

Each patient’s recovery time is unique, often depending on the extent of their procedures. Typically, most patients experience bruising and swelling that is resolved in one to two weeks following surgery. Some patients experience prolonged numbness that can last up to two to four weeks.

Most patients are able to return to work within one to two weeks following transgender facial surgery.

For many patients, the permanent changes to their appearance can be dramatic and give their confidence and self-esteem a well-deserved boost. At Zinsser Plastic Surgery, we are committed to helping each patient match how they look on the outside with how they feel on the inside. We feel that becoming comfortable in your own skin and looking like the person you feel like can help you find the confidence and self-image you’ve been searching for.