Aftercare & Recovery From Top Surgery

Many transgender and non-binary people feel the need to undergo certain physical transitions that make them feel more comfortable in their own bodies. Transgender top surgery stands out as one of the most common procedures that helps you align the features of your chest with the gender that you identify with.

But once you have this procedure, it is important that you follow top surgery recovery tips. This not only gets you back on your feet in a timely manner but also lowers the chances of infections and complications after the surgery.

To guide you through this journey, here is how you can recover from your top surgery in Richmond, VA.

1. Know When You Can Start Showering

If you have FtM or chest masculinization surgery, you should avoid showering the upper half of your body until your first follow-up appointment with your doctor. Until that time, you may carefully clean the upper half of your body with a sponge while avoiding the surgery site.

If you have MtF or breast augmentation surgery, you may start showering from the next day onward. However, you should still avoid rubbing over your incisions or the dressing that is placed over them. For optimal care, you can discuss these practices with your surgeon.

2. Do Not Lift Your Arms Above Your Head

One of the most common top surgery recovery tips for both MtF and FtM procedures is to not lift your arms above your head. Typically, you should follow this practice for at least four weeks after your surgery. This allows your incisions to heal well, eliminates the risk of excessive scarring, and provides you with a form that is ideal for you.

For MtF top surgery, it is also recommended that you not stretch your arms away from your body to the sides. This minimizes scarring and allows you to obtain your desired form without complications.

3. You Need To Rest On Your Back

You should also make it a point to rest on your back as you sleep and lay down during the day. This means that you should not turn to the side and definitely not rest on your stomach while you are trying to relax or sleep.

Doing so may seem difficult at first. But when you prop yourself using a few pillows behind or under your back, this practice could become easier to follow. Being mindful that this tip is there for your own good can also go a long way in sticking to these actions.

4. Follow All Instructions Regarding Your Drains

This suggestion is one of the most common top surgery recovery tips for FtM top surgeries. After your surgery, you may have a drain attached to each side of your chest to remove excess fluid from surgical wounds. You need to record the amount of fluid being gathered in these drains, while also emptying them every few hours.

In order to follow this task without any problems, make it a point to ask your surgeon about drain-related instructions. This gives you a hands-on consultation on how to best manage your drains until they are removed.

5. Stick To Your Follow-Up Appointments

Your follow-up appointments are all about examining the condition of the surgery site, the speed of your recovery, and the identification of any problems in the process. This makes sure that you are able to get all the medical help you need in order to make a problem-free recovery.

These appointments may typically start a week after your surgery. It is important that you do not miss any of these sessions and speak to your surgeon about any issues that you are facing with the surgery site. This assists them in providing you with personalized care.

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