Recovering From a Brazilian Butt Lift

If you want a curvy and voluptuous figure, getting a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in Richmond, Virginia can help you reshape the contours of your butt. As one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world, a BBL can provide you with remarkable results for your ideal aesthetic.

Before you undergo your BBL surgery, you might be interested in learning what you should do while recovering. Apart from being a naturally inquisitive approach, this practice also ensures that you breeze through the recovery phase without any problems.

To assist you with getting a fuller and shapely form for your buttocks, here are some general BBL recovery tips.

What To Do While Recovering From BBL?

After you have your BBL surgery and return home, you can expect soreness, swelling, and bruising. These effects are common and subside a few days to a few weeks following surgery. While you take prescribed medication and wait for these aftereffects of surgery to dissipate, you can follow BBL recovery best practices to ensure your wellbeing.

Do Not Sit on Your Butt

BBL requires harvesting excess fat using liposuction. During this procedure, fat is extracted from different areas of your body, such as your thighs and abdomen, then it is injected it into your butt to give it a fuller and firmer appearance. 

Since the fat grafts take some time and need proper blood flow to settle in, it is important that you do not sit directly on your buttocks after BBL surgery. In fact, it is one of the most crucial BBL recovery tips. You need to follow this practice for a few weeks, after which you can resume normal sitting positions according to your surgeon’s advice.

Wear Your Compression Garment

To ensure your BBL provides you with your desired results, you need to wear a compression garment after your surgery. This helps you keep your butt’s muscles, as well as the fat grafts in shape, which leads to appealing results after your recovery.

The duration of wearing the compression garment varies from person to person. Keeping this in mind, have a detailed discussion with your doctor about what to do while recovering from BBL. This gives you a precise timeline for wearing this specialized garment after your surgery.

Sleep On Your Stomach

Besides making sure that you are not sitting on your butt and wearing your compression garment, you should also make it a point not to sleep on your back. Instead, sleep on your stomach. This prevents you from disrupting the fat grafts as they settle in under your skin.

If you are afraid that you will turn on your back in your sleep, try using pillows beneath your head and hips. Like sharing their opinion on other critical BBL recovery tips, your doctor can provide you with suggestions for other sleeping positions that will work in your specific case.

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