Can I undergo Breast Augmentation if I plan on having Children in the Future?

woman and baby smiling laying down

Yes, there is no reason why you cannot have children after your breasts are augmented. Many women take this path. Below are a few considerations:

  • Breast augmentation does not interfere with your ability to become pregnant or have a child
  • Breast implants do not harm breastfeeding babies, studies show
  • The vast majority of breast augmentation patients are able to breastfeed
  • If you are concerned about not being able to breastfeed, talk to Dr. Zinsser about your individual risk
  • Breast augmentation results may need to be refreshed after the physical changes caused by pregnancy
  • You should allow plenty of time to heal and rebound after breast surgery, before becoming pregnant

Numerous women have had their breasts enlarged and go on to become mothers. These choices are not in opposition. In fact, some women report that having breast augmentation allows them to be the most confident, comfortable-in-their-skin mothers they can be. You will need to take time to recover and let your breasts stabilize after surgery, but you will be fully back to your normal routine after several weeks.

It’s possible your breast augmentation results will change after pregnancy. You may experience a degree of sagging and stretching, particularly after breastfeeding. Your results can be revised if you wish. Some women prefer to have their children first, and then undergo breast augmentation once they are no longer planning for more children. Having said that, the choice is entirely personal and up to you. Dr. Zinsser and our team are here to provide the support and guidance that will allow you to make the right choice.

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