What Is Transgender Top Surgery?

There are many aspects involved in the transition process from one gender to another. For many individuals going through this process, transgender top surgery is an important way to help you look and feel like the person you truly are.

Top surgery is a specific type of transgender surgery that involves reshaping the chest area. This procedure can be performed on individuals who would like to achieve a more masculine chest appearance as well as on individuals who are looking for a more feminine chest appearance.

Male-to-Female Transgender Top Surgery

Male-to-female transgender top surgery involves increasing the breast size to create a more feminine appearance. This is accomplished by performing breast augmentation. Dr. John Zinsser can use saline or silicone breast implants to provide an attractive breast size and shape.

Your procedure will be performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. The following options must be considered when planning your MTF transgender top surgery:

  • Implant type – Silicone breast implants are typically more popular because they provide a more natural looking and feeling outcome. However, saline implants offer a more affordable option and can still deliver beautiful results.
  • Implant size – Implants are sized in cubic centimeters (cc’s). During your consultation, Dr. Zinsser will have you try on several implant sizers to help you determine the right size for your desired appearance.
  • Incision location – You can choose to have the incision placed below the chest fold (inframammary), along your areola (periareolar) or on the armpit (transaxillary).
  • Implant placement – Your breast implants can be placed under the chest muscle (submuscular) or over the chest muscle (subglandular).
woman in bra with red nails

Female-to-Male Transgender Top Surgery

Transmasculine top surgery is performed to provide a more masculine chest appearance. Dr. Zinsser will remove breast tissue and excess skin. In many instances, the nipples will also be resized and repositioned as part of this procedure. There are a variety of incision options, including:

  • Keyhole incision – Incision is made across the bottom of the areola
  • Periareolar incision – Incision is made around the areola
  • Double incision – A horizontal or u-shaped incision is made along the bottom of the chest muscle, and another incision is made to resize the nipple
  • Anchor incision – A vertical incision is made extending down from the areola and a horizontal incision is made along the bottom of the chest muscle

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