Choosing the Correct Breast Implant for Your Body and Lifestyle

If breast implants are a cosmetic surgery you are considering, understand that breast augmentations are entirely specific to the individual. There are many different types and shapes of breast implants and finding the right ones for you takes some consideration into what feels right for your shape.

If you are local to Richmond, VA, you are in luck as there are expert, board-certified surgeons in your area. Dr. John Zinsser of Zinsser Plastic Surgery is ready to speak with you about your plans for enhancing your figure to meet your expectations.

Once you meet for your consultation with Dr. Zinsser, you can determine the best implant size and shape for you, and you will be able to try on different options to ensure that you choose the best fit. Before you get started, here are some suggestions on finding the right breast implants for you.

The Difference Between Cup and Implant Size

Dr. Zinsser chooses the implant depending on which sizes in the US go from 100 cc to 800 cc, the patient will try on sizers on top of their current breast tissue in a sports bra. He then uses the patients breast base diameter to pick the implant that is the volume they choose, and matches their anatomy, meaning that the implant should be at or slightly less than their base diameter measurement.

Consider Your Body Frame

If you want your implants to appear natural, look for implants that fit your body frame. If you are a smaller, petite person, choosing a smaller implant may look more natural than a larger implant size would look. Likewise, a larger-framed person may want a bigger implant size to accommodate their body frame.

Think About Your Lifestyle

You should also take your lifestyle into consideration. If you are a highly active individual, know that you will need to find supportive bra accommodations to move comfortably. Cardio exercises like running and playing sports will be less comfortable if you elect larger implants.

If your style is to dress in form-fitting clothing, know that the size of the implants you choose will also affect the way your clothes fit. Keep in mind that your changes may be more noticeable if you get larger breast implants. Depending on how comfortable you are with others noticing your new shape, you may or may not want to go with a particular implant size.

Consider The Future

Know that your implants will last as long as you’re happy with them. You can always have them replaced if you want a change. What will your life look like by then? Will your implants meet your lifestyle demands? These are all considerations to keep in mind as you ponder which breast implants are best for you.

Get The Shape You Desire with Dr. Zinsser

When you meet with Dr. Zinsser, you’ll discuss the best breast implant options to fit your frame and lifestyle. Contact Dr. Zinsser at (804) 474-9805 to get started with your first appointment!