Choosing The Best Body Contouring Procedure for Your Figure

Whether you want to eliminate stubborn deposits of fat or need to shape particular body areas, looking into different methods of body contouring can help you achieve the figure of your dreams. Through the precision and results offered by these procedures, you can not only enhance your looks but also feel more confident about your appearance.

But even when you know exactly what you want out of these treatments, choosing the best body contouring procedures in Richmond, Virginia, can be a bit tricky. With various treatment methods at hand, you must learn the key differences between them to select the most suitable approach for yourself.

To help you through this process, here is how you can pick the ideal body contouring procedure for your concerns.

Decide Between Surgical and Non-Surgical Approaches

The different methods of body contouring are mainly sorted between surgical and non-surgical approaches. This gives you the flexibility to choose between more intensive procedures that address more significant concerns, as well as noninvasive and minimally-invasive techniques that remain effective for a variety of aesthetic issues. The factors to consider here are your comfort level with surgery and the extent of your aesthetic concerns.

Consider The Downtime Involved with Different Procedures

Besides the ability to address significant and moderate concerns, the best body contouring procedures are also distinguished by the time they require for rest and recovery. Since surgical procedures use incisions, their associated downtime can typically range across a few weeks. Conversely, due to the use of specialized devices, non-surgical approaches generally have minimal to no downtime.

Determine The Timeline of Results

Body contouring treatments vary in terms of the timeline of their results. But as a rule of thumb, you can expect these procedures to take at least a few weeks to show results. Even surgical procedures that manually remove excess fat or skin often require you to rest and heal for several weeks before the side effects can subside, and you can see their results. Be sure to research your procedure’s recovery time beforehand and understand that everyone’s recovery process is different.

Categorize The Best Body Contouring Procedures By Concern

It is important to note that different body contouring approaches deliver distinct results. Some of these procedures are good for a specific area of your body, while others can work on multiple body areas at once. By learning which treatment is considered the most suitable for your concern, you can make your decision more easily.

Sagging Breasts

Surgical: Breast lift surgery can remove loose skin and tighten the tissue profile to give your breasts a perkier and youthful appearance. You can also get a breast lift with implants to enhance the size of your breasts.

Loose Skin

Surgical: Tummy tuck surgery can correct the appearance of sagging skin and readjust weakened muscles for a firmer abdomen. Similarly, an arm lift and thigh lift can achieve contoured upper arms and thighs, respectively.

Non-Surgical: As one of the best body contouring procedures in the noninvasive category, RF Skin Tightening can treat loose skin and deliver a more contoured profile across various body areas.

Excess Fat

Surgical: Liposuction can help you remove fat across multiple areas of your body. For enhanced results, you can pair this surgery with other body contouring methods, such as a tummy tuck.

Post-Weight Loss

Surgical: Performed through a variety of approaches, body lift surgery can help remove excess skin that’s left behind after a weight loss journey.

Non-Surgical: RF Skin Tightening can help in certain cases. But after significant weight loss, going through a surgical approach can often provide better results.

Sagging Buttocks

Non-Surgical: RF Skin Tightening can tighten loose skin around your buttocks and deliver a firmer aesthetic.

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