How Can I Make My Face Look More Feminine?

Your physical appearance should reflect how you see yourself on the inside. Unfortunately, this disconnect can cause emotional turmoil for transgender people.  

For many trans women, the desire for a more feminine face is paramount to living a fulfilling and enjoyable life, and facial feminization surgery, or transgender facial surgery, can help achieve these goals.

In this article, expert transgender facial surgeon John Zinsser MD explores what makes a face more feminine and the various procedures you can use to achieve these results. 

What Are Feminine Facial Features?

Each facial feature has different characteristics that we unconsciously associate with gender.

  1. Forehead: A feminine forehead is generally narrower and slightly lower than masculine foreheads, with a more vertical setting and lacking the bony ridge that runs above the eyes of most male foreheads.
  2. Eyebrows: Feminine eyebrows sit above the orbital bone rim and have more of an arch.
  3. Eyes: Women’s eyes appear broader and more open than men’s eyes, which have narrower eyelids.
  4. Nose: Feminine noses are generally more slender than their masculine counterparts, with a concave profile instead of the straighter bridge of most men’s noses.
  5. Cheeks: Feminine cheeks are more prominent than men’s, with a rounder, fuller aesthetic.
  6. Lips: Feminine lips are fuller and more defined than men’s and are closer to the base of the nose.
  7. Chin and jawline: Feminine chins tend to be softer and less squared than masculine jawlines, but with a slightly pointier chin. Like the nose, feminine jaws are also narrower.

How Can I Achieve a More Feminine Facial Aesthetic?

By understanding the aesthetic differences between masculine and feminine facial features, we can strive to surgically and non-surgically alter each component’s characteristics individually.

Facial feminization surgery may involve solutions such as an eyelid lift, brow lift, neck lift, nose surgery, chin surgery, ear surgery, lip augmentation and dermal fillers. Dr. Zinsser can help trans women achieve the feminine facial appearance of their dreams.

Transgender Facial Surgery in Richmond, VA

For many patients who visit Dr. Zinsser’s plastic surgery clinic in Richmond, VA, achieving a more feminine face is a lifelong goal. Dr. Zinsser specializes in facial feminization and helping you embrace your gender identity to the fullest.

Dr. Zinsser prides himself on having the artistic appreciation, technical expertise, and experience to effectively perform these procedures above and beyond the standard, and his past patients love their results. To learn more about receiving treatment from one of the most advanced surgeons in the field, contact (804) 474-9805 or fill out this online form today.