Botox versus Dysport

Differences between Botox® and Dysport® Most patients are very familiar with the name “Botox®,” as it was the first FDA approved neurotoxin for cosmetic use, and has practically become a household name due to frequent mention in the media.  However, other FDA-approved neurotoxins, called Dysport® and Xeomin®, are also on the market.  All neurotoxins reduce muscle movement… Read More »

You can do WHAT with Botox?

Patient may be familiar with the great benefits of regular Botox® or Dysport® treatments in the forehead and crow’s feet to help maintain a pleasant expression and smooth skin. But you may not have heard of some of these less familiar areas where neurotoxins can be used cosmetically. We want to share some of my… Read More »

Hyperhidrosis treatment to reduce sweating

Using Botox® for Hyperhidrosis Did you know that hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, can be treated with Botox® or Dysport®?  A recent study estimates that almost 5% of the United States population, or more than 15 million people, are living with hyperhidrosis.  Patients may not mention excessive sweating during their healthcare visits if they don’t realize… Read More »

Sculptra Q&A

What is Sculptra® and how is it different from fillers like Restylane®? Sculptra® is a unique filler that stimulates your skin to produce its own collagen.  It is made of tiny filaments of poly-L-lactic acid, which is also used to make dissolvable sutures.  It was originally developed to treat AIDs patients who experienced lipodystrophy, or… Read More »

Axolotl Shot: the regenerative filler

How is Axolotl™ used and what skin conditions can it improve? Axolotl™ was originally developed for orthopedic problems such as fractures, ligament tears and strains, as well as wound healing for burns and chronic ulcerations.  Its tissue regeneration benefits were so impressive that it was natural to expand into cosmetic use.  Anyone with aging concerns… Read More »